Finally there is competition in the market!

For years there were only 2 big players in the football simulation market: EA Sports’ FIFA and Konami’s PES.
Or who of you still remembers This is Football on the PS2?

However, in the last few weeks, two new games have been announced. Namely GOALS by SK Gaming co-founder Andreas Thorstensson and UFL (, which is published by Belarusian developer studio STRICKERz.

However, both new games have a completely different approach than the top dogs. They focus completely on eSports and competitive gaming. So what can we expect here?

The problem with competitive sports sims

The big problem with playing a sports simulation competitively is having full control over the game. You can only control one of your 11 players at a time, and you have limited control over the others.

So it will be exciting to see how the two newcomers want to tackle this problem without the players complaining again about a possible scripting in the game, which has to be there because the “game” itself has to play along.

What about 11 vs 11?

From my point of view, the most exciting thing would be a focus on 11vs11 games in which whole teams compete against each other. The Pro Club mode in FIFA is a very popular mode that still gets too little attention. Community driven leagues already exist for many years.

But no matter what GOALS or UFL ends up looking like: Nothing is better than more competition in the “eFootball” market, because EASports FIFA shows that they don’t have to do much to keep their players happy, because PES/eFootball is losing more and more players.

We are looking forward to further announcements and are excited about what the future of competitive eFootball will bring.